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About Me

Thank you for visiting the Creative Cookie Jar, where I, Shehla Faizi, am the baker for all your creative needs!

Armed with boundless imagination (and a bachelor's in graphic design!) I started my career in advertising and marketing journalism. I then did my master's in strategic communications and decided to ditch the boring desk job and start a freelance career in the three things that have always been close to my heart: graphic design, illustration and photography!


And thus Creative Cookie Jar was born! 

I like to be able to give my clients exactly what they need, just the way they like it. 

You know, kinda like the sweet surprises in a grandma's cookie jar.

And when I'm not providing creative solutions for my clients, I am taking care of my two wonderful sons, spoiling my four cats and working on my podcast, "I'm A Muslim (And That's Okay!)" You can listen to me here, or just search me up on most major platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts!

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